Dr Nina Krajnik


Nina Krajnik (born June 9, 1985) is a psychoanalyst in Ljubljana and Paris. She is the president and founder of SALP, editor-in-chief of the journal Object of desire, and the book series Juno. She is the head of a department of Lacanian psychoanalysis at the University of Sigmund Freud – Ljubljana (AK, Vienna) and the organiser of the psychoanalytic training programme Acheron. She is in charge of the Section for socio-political questions of SALP.

Krajnik studied at University Paris VIII – Vincennes-Saint Denis and received her analytical training within the framework of L’École de la Cause freudienne (ECF). She had undergone her analysis with Jacques-Alain Miller. She accomplished supervised clinical work in the Sainte Anne Hospital, Ville Evrard, Les Murets, and at the unit of Jacques Lacan of the healthcare centre Sud Fancilien Evry in France.

Krajnik holds a PhD in Philosophy (dissertation: Science and Psychoanalysis: Relation of Discourses regarding the Subject in Question) and a MA in cultural studies (dissertation: Finnegans Wake through Lacanian Psychoanalysis). In 2015, she was a researcher at the James Joyce Foundation in Zürich and a participant of Joyce’s School in Dublin and Trieste. Between 2011 and 2014 she carried out an academic research in Australia and New Zealand.

Krajnik is a volunteer in humanitarian causes in Europe and worldwide. She has worked on several missions of Service Civil International (SCI-Voluntariat), Seeds-Iceland, and BASIDA, raising awareness about environmental and peacekeeping issues and providing medical and psycho-social support to children, HIV-positives, drug addicted people, and people with disabilities.

She is a member of New Lacanian School (NLS), and World Association of Psychoanalysis (AMP), organiser of seminars of Champ Freudien, and secretary of the international Lacanian political movement ZADIG (Zero abjection democratic international group) – Ljubljana.


Psychoanalysis possible in: Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, English, French, Spanish


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