About us

The Slovenian Association for Lacanian Psychoanalysis (SALP) is a professional non-profit organisation devoted to psychoanalysis of the French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan. It was founded in 2015.

SALP aims to encourage work, education and research in the field of Lacanian psychoanalysis, while bringing together psychoanalysts, scholars, and specialists from other fields.

SALP hosts a variety of activities and colloquia in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. This includes lectures, seminars, international conferences, and cartel groups. Together with the educational centre Acheron it offers a classroom as well as an online programme of psychoanalytic training.

SALP is the publisher of the book series Juno, and the journal Object of desire.

Psychoanalysts of SALP collaborate with health centres and humanitarian organisations, offering free psychoanalytic treatment to children, and underprivileged individuals.


There are three sections within the association:

● the clinical section
● the section for psychoanalytic links with other fields
● the section for socio-political questions


Due to the specific historical and political contexts for Lacanian psychoanalysis in Slovenia, SALP is creating a movement that encourages the presence of the psychoanalytic discourse in post-socialist and post-communist countries, as well as any other place where Lacanian psychoanalysis is being prohibited or obstructed. Directions of the movement derive from the 1964 Foundation Act of Lacan’s School, according to which its goals are:


1. to restore to the field Freud has opened the cutting edge of its truth;

2. to bring the original praxis that he instituted under the name of psychoanalysis back to the duty that in has our world is incumbent upon it;

3. to denounce, through a sustained critique, the deviations and compromises that encumber its progress while degrading its use.