Slovenian Association for Lacanian Psychoanalysis is opening the first psychoanalytic library in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. We are proud to be launching a project that will encourage psychoanalysis in the region where, for political reasons, has long remained neglected, modified or prohibited.

The library is collecting materials on psychoanalysis of different orientations, its clinical perspectives and its links with other fields of knowledge (philosophy, art, political science, cultural studies, antropology, literature ect.). 

Our collection includes books, journals, periodicals, digital content, historic documents ect. Variety of expression is precious to our field, so we are collecting the material in all languages. 

Jacques Lacan’s Personal Book Collection, Paris 
© Nina Krajnik 

You can contribute to the project too! If you are an author/co-author of a book, editor/co-editor of a journal, translator of classic psychoanalytic texts ect., and you wish your work to be listed in our catalogue and available to the public, you can donate a copy of your book. 

We will be glad to include your book in our first collection and to consider you a friend of the library!

You can send a copy of your book to: Slovensko društvo za lacanovsko psihoanalizo/Slovenian Association for Lacanian Psychoanalysis, Address: Berčičeva 3, 1260 Ljubljana, Slovenia 

For more information please contact: 

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”
Jorge Luis Borges