May 20, 2017

In regard to the untrue statements from members of the Society for Theoretical Psychoanalysis about a putative non-membership of the founder and president of the Slovenian Association for Lacanian Psychoanalysis Dr Nina Krajnik in the New Lacanian School and World Association of Psychoanalysis, we publish the official confirmation about membership.

The false statements were circulated with the intention of discreditation at the time of opening the first department of Lacanian Psychoanalysis in Slovenia. The confirmation is issued in French and there is a translation into Slovene. Because the information is of a private nature, address of residence is concealed.

As a consequence of material damage, inflicted upon the SALP, and because of the penal act against the honour and name of its representative, the SALP will use all available legal measures against the subjects who circulate untruths.


Nika Jakšič
Legal representative and treasurer of the SALP




I hereby certify that on my decision, following the advice of Jacques-Alain Miller, Nina Krajnik, residing (information of private nature) is admitted as a member of the New Lacanian School. This admission is effective from this day, since it is homologated by the World Association of Psychoanalysis, with the agreement of its president Miquel Bassols.

Therefore, Nina Krajnik is committed to the development of an antenna or a group for psychoanalysis in liaison with the NLS and in conformity with the object and the aims of this School.

This certificate is established to serve and argue that right.


Lilia Mahjoub, President of the New Lacanian School