Vous êtes invités à suivre, une conférence du psychanalyste mexicain Carlos Gomez-Camarena ayant pour titre Les opėrations anti philosophiques de Lacan, le 3 octobre à 19h, à la Maison de la littérature Trubar.

La conférence se dėroulera en anglais, vous êtes les bienvenus!



Présentation :

The conference will explain what antiphilosophy means to Lacan and how could one develops it for psychoanalytical practice. It will specifically emphasize on how the antiphilosophical operations have clinical consequences at the extent that Lacan mention Anti-philosophy as one of the four fundamental knowledges for the Clinical Unit at Vincennes Université in 1975. In his seminar on transference, a propos of Little Hans, Lacan remind us that every analysant is “a little philosopher”. When Lacan fully plunges in the waters of philosophy, only does that to avoid the disastrous mistakes of the so-called post-freudians. We will argue that anti-philosophy is a key concept to re-read Lacan in a clinical way. We will also approach anti-philsophy not as a knowledge but as a series of operations performed in the core of the analysand’s discourse. These anti-philosophical operations could be founded in Pascal, Marx, Descartes, Socrates, Kierkegaard or Wittgenstein, but they could be only disclosed by means of Freud or either a mathematical, poetical or religious element.