Boštjan Miha Jambrek

Boštjan Miha Jambrek (born 19 July 1973) is a pedagogue, script writer and film director. He graduated in pedagogics (direction: andragogic) at the Faculty of Arts, University in Ljubljana. In 2008 he obtained an MA at the Academy for art and design. He is author of professional and popular articles in the area of film and TV shows, scriptwriting, as well as college and high-school textbooks. From 2006 to 2009, he was programme director of the Slovenian Cinematheque, where he was responsible for preparation of film programme. He founded rubric for film education – Kinokatedra. He is employed as a high-school teacher at the School of Media and Graphic Design in Ljubljana. At the same time he is a habilitated high-school lecturer for subject Media Messaging, Media Communication and Audio-Visual Communications. He leads and coordinates e-study at European Faculty of Law. He is the editor od web portals for eStudy Kalibra, Edukalibra and ISZ, member of editorial board and director of company for media production, education and consultancy Artes Liberales, d.o.o. He is a PhD candidate (thesis: Pedagogical methodology and IKT in formal film education). He is the organiser of SALP’s work-shop Psychanalysis and cinema. He is in analysis with Dr Nina Krajnik (NLS/AMP).