mag. Špela Jelenc









Špela Jelenc (born December 5, 1948) is a psychoanalyst in Paris and in Slovenia. She obtained an MA in Clinical Psychology and Psychology of Work from University Paris VII – Diderot, and in Psychology at University Pars V – Descartes. She graduated in Psychoanalysis from the University Paris VIII – Vincennes Saint Denis (dissertation: Does Work Bring Happiness?, supervisor: Christiane Alberti). She attended the seminars of clinical section and clinical presentations in the Villejuif Hospital. She participated at the seminars of École de la cause freudienne (ECF), and in cartel groups (as Plus One). She had undergone her analysis with Frēdērique Saldès (School of Sigmund Freud of Lacanian orientation) and with Anne Ganivet Poumellec (ECF/AMP), who is also her psychoanalytic supervisor. She has worked as a psychologist of psychoanalytic orientation, and advisor for internal communication and institutional changes in various business companies. Her main focuses are symptoms of suffering at work place and psychoanalytic clinic of work.