Dr Nina Krajnik

Nina Krajnik (born June 9, 1985) is the president and founder of SALP and the editor of Object of desire. 

Špela Jelenc, M.A

Špela Jelenc (born December 5, 1948) is a psychoanalyst in Paris and in Slovenia. She obtained an MA in Clinical Psychology …

Nika Jakšič

Nika Jakšič (born October 3, 1983) is law advisor and treasurer of SALP. She graduated in Law from University of Ljubljana.

Jan Simončič, M.A

Jan Simončič (born June 19, 1992) graduated in Philosophy and Comparative Literature from University of Ljubljana. He obtained an…

Dr Boris Brezovac

Boris Brezovac (born May 31, 1971) obtained a PhD in Philosophy (dissertation: Badiou’s Notion of the Body of Truth) and works as a teacher …

Ana Filipović

Ana Filipović (born December 13, 1984) graduated in Cultural Studies (thesis: Hypnosis through Psychoanalysis) …

Vanja Stojanović

Vanja Stojanović (born February 4, 1994) studied psychology at the Singidunum University…

Boštjan Miha Jambrek, M.A

Boštjan Miha Jambrek (born 19 July 1973) is a pedagogue, script writer and film director.

Branimir Stojanović

Branimir Stojanović (born 1958) is a psychoanalyst in Belgrade and an international associated member of SALP.