Jacques-Alain Miller


Psychoanalysis was never satisfied by being “clinic”. It was always linked to the “politics of civilisation” (term by Edgar Morin). In his time, Freud recognised the discontents of civilisation. He demonstrated that the relation of the masses to their leader is tied to a multitude of bijective relations in which one finds the same object of everyone’s convergence. In order to decipher May ’68, Lacan forged the four discourses, whereby psychoanalysis inscribes itself as the other side of the master discourse, and not as its servant as Massimo Recalcati would prefer. It is upon us to make the next step and take our position in the global public debate: we have a lot to say – about political discourses as well as about political persons.



Jam, Candide in Milan

Table of Orientation
Lacan, A Lesson in politics
Voltaire, Small digression
Simone Weil, Lesson of other politics

Today’s Decibel
Nina Krajnik, The Truth about Žižek
Raquel Cors, Latin whip
Stéphane Magnan, Pecunia triumphans
Hervé Castanet, What is to be done in Marseille?
Caroline Leduc, The Lost democracy

Zadig in Barcelona and Paris
King and Lamp
To the Members of ECF

Dogma and Heresy
Jean-Pierre Deffieux, About common sense
Éric Laurent, Lacan, the heretic