On June 14, 2017, journal Lacan Quotidien published the second article of the trilogy NINA VERSUS ŽIŽEK, written by the president of SALP, Dr Nina Krajnik.

«The classical strategy of Žižek and his Ljubljana team is to copy a
text, attack the author by personal or ”pseudo-intelectual” disaccreditation, create a straw man
argument, adjust sophistic comments, ban a public debate and sell it as your own. The result
culminates in intellectual dishonesty, slanders and ad hominem arguments against the original
authors, fatally paralysing the Slovenian public space because it prevents a public debate.»

Article is available here :

Lacan Quotidien n° 720 – Venezuela – Destinée de la psychanalyse – Nina versus Žižek – Zadig en Italie – Champ freudien Année Zéro – Nouvelle polémique sur le psychanalyste